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Certificate ISO 14001:2015

International Certificate for the Environment Management to provide services for Accommodation and Catering.

ISO 14000 is a set of norms developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and establishing guidelines in the area of environmental management within the companies.

To obtain and maintain the ISO 14001 certificate, the organization has to submit to periodic audits, conducted by certified companies, accredited and recognised by the Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ) and other international organization.

Envirommental Politics

The Hotel Porto Côvo pretend to guarantee the quality of its services in a sustainable way, allowing to get the economic objectives of the project
and satisfaction, trust and loyalty of the guest.
The certification of the Environmental Management System ( ISO 14001) in the hotel pretend:
- The sustainable use of natural resources, namely energy, water and others;
- Enviromentally safe practices and technologies to prevent;
- Ensure compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the service, as well as internal requirements associate with significant environmental aspects and others that the hotel subscribes to;
- Improve the level of training and employer perfomance in environmental manegement.
The hotel monitors this objectives on a regular basis.

Biosphere Hotel

Sustanability Policy


The Hotel Porto Covo has an attitude of continuous improvement of its pillars of sustainability, namely:


- Reassure a service of proximity, providing long lasting relationships;


- Valorization of our community thru the establishment of a network of local partners;


- Promote the communication and affirmation of the territory, of its historical and cultural endogenous resources;

- Stimulate the responsible use of our resources by our staff, guests and providers;


- Guarantee at all times an safe environment to our guests and staff.




Our Guests Satisfaction



Social Reponsability



Valorization of the Cultural and Natural Heritage



Environmental Responsability



The Safety of our guests and staff

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